About us


Out experts in different fields blend the most special tea
to give a reason for you to steep yourself in tea.


Experts ― first grade tea sommelier, Seoultech food engineer, food curator with 15 years of experience ― have gathered around a common interest: tea.


Teason study to let people have a valuable teatime, more than just drinking tea as a beverage.


Our goal is to develop the Korean traditional culture of tea competitive globally

by creating teas with the soul of Korea's vibrant cultural legacy.

TEASON Global  |  CEO : Jaehee Im ㅣ Korean Business Registration Number: 330-05-01720

Mail-Order-Sales Registration Number : 2021-전남나주-0140 (under Korean Fair Trade Commission policies)
Address : Naju_ 25, Baemet 2-gil, Naju-si. Jeollanam-do

 Seoul_ 903-ho, 1139, Cheonhodae-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul

CS : +82 0507-1444-0159, Fax : +82 0504-032-0109

Email : teason.global@gmail.com

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